Privacy Policy

Scope of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the collection and protection of personal information by Staff Now Inc. It applies to all individuals whose data is collected; including website visitors service users and other entities engaging with our services.

Purpose of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy aims to provide transparency about our practices regarding collecting, processing and protecting personal information. It outlines the reasons for information collection, how it is utilized and individuals rights concerning their data.

Information Covered

The policy covers personal information obtained through various channels; including but not limited to website and app visits service usage and any other means by which individuals provide their information.

Key Areas of Coverage:

Collection and Use of Personal Information

We collect personal information for legitimate business purposes, ensuring transparency and fair processing. The type of information gathered and the reasons for collection are clearly outlined.

Website Visitors

Information about processing personal data related to individuals visiting Staff Now websites or apps is detailed; including the types of data collected and for what purposes .

Service Users

For individuals using Staff Now’s services, the Policy addresses processing personal information concerning service usage, ensuring a clear understanding of data handling practices Protection and Rights The Policy highlights the security measures in place to protect personal information and enumerates individuals’ rights regarding their data.

Third-Party Sources

Acknowledges that information may be collected from third-party sources emphasizing the commitment to handling such data with care and compliance.

Cookie Policy

Refers to the Cookie Policy for Additional information on data collection through cookies and providing insight into the types of cookies used and the associated purposes.

Exercise of Personal Choices

Guidance is provided on how individuals can exercise their choices concerning collecting and using their personal information, including opting out of certain data processing activities.

Access to Personal Information

Explains how individuals can inquire about the personal information held by Staff Now, including the steps to access, review, and update their data.


Requests that communication be conducted in the English & Spanish language for consistency and clarity.


If you have any questions, comments, or requests concerning this Privacy Policy or wish to exercise your rights related to your Personal Information, Please contact at privacy@staffnowinc.com